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Drone Videography

San Francisco

I spent a whole week here and loved every minute. San Franscisco is a drone videographer's dream, with the terrain, beautiful buildings, beaches, skyline, and bridges, all surrounded by water. With opportunites for creativity around every corner, I felt like a little kid playing with my drone. 

Frozen Indy

This was filmed right after the winter storm in

February of 2021. I've never been a big fan of snow, but it sure is beautiful from above.


Miami is my favorite vacation site. I had already been there twice before I brought my drone with me, so it was easy to remember the best locations. Miami is one of the most colorful cities you'll ever see, so to be able to shoot in a flat color profile and then bring out the vibrant colors of the city while editing was quite an experience. 

Los Angeles

It's always a blast visiting the city of Angels! I will never get tired of the California terrain. The mountains and beaches combined with filming fun places like Hollywood Boulevard and the Warner Brothers studio made for a great video. 


This was filmed during a road trip between Nashville and Charlotte. I've always preferred the city, but if I ever decide to settle down in the country, Tennessee would be my first choice. 

NFL Stadiums

I have a goal of watching a game at every NFL stadium in the country. Filming the stadium the day after a game isn't a bad plan, either. 

Drone Pricing

• $200 Retainer Fee Plus $25 Per Location

• Travel Fees May Apply if Outside Indianapolis

• Capture Hour is Part 107 Certified 

• Capture Hour Uses a Mavic 3 Drone, which shoots 5K H.265 and 10-bit Color Resolution

• All Footage Professionally Color Graded

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