Old Movie Transfer

Old memories that were captured on video are priceless. Unfortunately, all types of film deteriorate over time, so it's crucial that the memories are preserved digitally so that they will exist forever.


Capture Hour can save your old footage, enhance it to Blu-Ray or even 4K resolution, and create digital files that you can place onto DVD's or Blu-Ray's, post on social media, or simply save in personal storage. 

 We Can Convert

- VCR Tapes

- 8 mm Tapes

- Mini DV Tapes

- Other Footage Can Be Transferred if Original Recording Device is Available


- $100 Retainer Fee Plus $20 per Tape

- 1080p (Blu-Ray) Digital Files Delivered Free

- Extra $100 for Videos to be Enhanced to 4K

- $20 per DVD Copy

- $30 per Blu-Ray Copy

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